Project and Program Management

Let us help us manage individual projects or a program based group of projects in your organization. We will do all the hard work for you and provide you the information to help you make the right decisions to move these projects or programs forward towards the desired end results.

Our SMEs have years of practical hands-on industry experience and will use that experience to help you guide your work in an effective and efficient manner. Learn more about our Program and Project Management Services here. Talk to us today!


Let us measure the project or program management maturity standards of your organization or team members. We assess your strengths and compare that to the industry best practices in these areas and suggest improvements after which we will show you how to fill in the gaps and make your approach more comprehensive.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) is probably one of the most beneficial activities that could be done in the life of an organization because all project related work can be done in a coordinated and efficient manner from this centralized location. Let us show you how and why this can be done and then help you set up a PMO in your organization. We will also train your employees to continue the good work after we implement it.

Custom Methodology Development and Implementation

We provide assistance to growing companies who know how to get work from clients but do not have a formal project management system set up for their managers and employees to follow on their projects or programs. Our all-encompassing and thorough company-wide system eliminates confusion, rework and wastage of resources apart from providing a consistent way of conducting work which increases client confidence in your organization. Needless to say, doing all of this improves the industry standing of your organization and increases your bottom line profits.

We use all of your current methodologies and only suggest missing components from industry best practices to complete your approach to project management. Upon completion of system development, we will help you implement it on an ongoing project and show you its benefits. We also train your employees and create all necessary templates and workflows for you to continue the good work after our assignment is completed. Change Management services are also included in this effort. Learn more about how we help you develop and establish a methodology at the organizational level here.

Risk Assessment and Management

Our risk assessment studies involve a thorough review of your organization’s approach to risk management on your projects and programs. We look at your plans to mitigate risk and more importantly, at your efforts to realize opportunities from your work – Most people and organizations miss numerous opportunities to realize crucial and significant benefits on their projects just because they are not looking in the right direction. Let us show you how to do this! Click here.

Fiscal controls

Never overrun your project budget again! Let us show you how to set and use fiscal controls to manage your projects. Using fiscal controls will result in achieving your pre-set goals and objectives and increasing your confidence on your projects and programs. This is the ONLY way to realize profits on your work assignments!

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