Leadership Skills Development

“Leadership” is not a requirement just at the highest levels of a company. It is a requirement at any level where a person is leading a team because a “leader” mindset has many more benefits in the long run for a company than a “manager” mindset.

Let your managers at every level learn how to think and act like a leader and prepare them for the future. Contrary to popular belief, leaders are not always born, they can be developed and made.

Our workshop introduces you to every aspect of leadership learning and shows you through practical case study application techniques to become a leader for your team.

Essentials of Program Management

This workshop is for Senior Managers or Directors in higher levels of Management who typically manage programs or departments and have Project Managers reporting to them. You learn how to plan, manage and control a program effectively to reach pre-established objectives and realize benefits to the organization while managing all related stakeholders at the same time.

Manager Certification Programs

These programs are done as a joint venture with our client companies to provide a platform for employees showing potential to learn new skills as well as to help them progress in their career ladders within the company. ManTra will prepare and implement fully customized workshops at different management levels and certify successful workshop participants to ensure that working knowledge the following areas have been obtained by each participant:

  • The ability to plan, execute and manage project work efficiently
  • The ability to manage people in a productive manner so as to achieve company objectives

Your clients will appreciate this effort on your part and this gives them confidence that all managers conduct projects at your company in a consistent and planned manner.

Practical Project Management

This course is designed primarily for experienced supervisors, team leaders and for managers at every level. The workshop provides a good understanding of the project management process and gives them a route map to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and close projects. Additionally, attendees are introduced to various elements of the project management domain and to the essential skills that every project manager must possess to be successful in the workplace.

Every work initiative that is given to an employee in a company is a project and must be treated as such. It involves understanding what is required and how that work can be completed in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner. The main benefit of this training is that all projects will be completed in a consistent, systematic and predictable manner ensuring project success and customer satisfaction each time. Information presented at this training can be implemented immediately for noticeable results.

Manager Development Programs

Don’t let your organization fall a victim to the Halo Effect!

These workshops prepare prospective candidates for managerial positions and ensure that their full potential is realized in the new position thereby obtaining full benefits to the company. Employees who are already managers can attend these programs to fine tune or hone their skills or to learn what they are missing.

Non-Technical Project Management Workshops

Project Management is not just for technical organizations or employees. It is for every one and let us show you how proper project management can help you plan, complete and control your work in a systematic manner to achieve your goals and keep your stakeholders satisfied. You could be an employee in the Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Maintenance, Support, Planning or any other department that does not do any pure “technical” work like IT, development, testing or engineering. The concepts and principles of good project management apply to you just as it applies to them and the results of implementing these concepts and principles are unquestionable.

Our workshops for Non-Technical personnel are geared to train you for any task that you are working on and show you how to take your projects from beginning to ending without any problems.

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